Testing Lead Interview Questions

  1. Discuss the high points in your resume? What kind of negative experiences in Testing Lead do you have?
  2. What motivated you to join software sector? Why are you eager to work with us?
  3. Tell us something about your software based specialization? Why do you want to leave your current organization?
  4. What are the job responsibilities of a Test Lead?
  5. Define the role of a Test Lead in an organizational structure? Discuss the scope of your designation?
  6. What do you understand from software test planning and discuss the software life cycle?
  7. Which different scripts are used to create software applications?
  8. What designs and testing methods do you use in designing and testing a new application?
  9. Explain the methodology behind test lead and name the tools you use to test software?
  10. When are you available to join us?
  11. Are you satisfied with offered perks and incentive slabs? Do you have any question to ask?

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