TIBCO Certification Interview Questions

TIBCO certification interview questions are widely used to conduct an interview session of the eligible candidates, who seek to obtain a TIBCO certification to gain more knowledge and to perform professionally. By reviewing the overall skills and knowledge of performing diverse TIBCO process of all applicants, the deserving applicants are being awarded with this valuable certification.

Sample TIBCO Certification Interview Questions:

  • How confident do you feel after completing the practical & programming sessions of this certification?
  • Why you need this certification to join a reputed firm?
  • How do you rate your problem solving and analytical skills?
  • Discuss the features of TIBCO and advantages of using TIBCO application?
  • How can you perform the application integration of software by using TIBCO approach?
  • What is the meaning of Quality of System in TIBCO?
  • Name the three items which can let TIBCO applications to route to configure the log?
  • Which of these are the command parameters of TIBCO- inbox, message, batch, cm & auto?
  • What is the concerned parameter of RVCMQ in TIBCO for transport configuration?
  • Do you think TIBCO is a reliable data protocol? If yes, please tell how?
  • How do you adjust the setting of messages as per sender & receiver by using TIBCO?
  • How many types of weekly and monthly project papers reports are prepared by you during the certification sessions? Discuss the main attributes of a daily project report?
  • Tell us about your technical approach of storing the confidential data. How do you ensure that the concerned data is absolutely safe?
  • Are you planning to work as an individual or you would like to join an organization after securing this certification?

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