Tips for Writing Good Interview Questions

Writing interview questions can be difficult. It is essential to know the correct questions to ask the candidates and you should also have an idea of how to ask them. Framing the interview questions is very important.

These questions help you in determining the suitable candidate for the company. Consuming the time in writing best interview questions will help you in taking less time for the interview. So the interviewer should know some tips for writing good interview questions.

Avoid asking the questions which are double-barreled

These types of questions consist of more than 1 question in a sentence. When these types of questions are asked, mostly the candidate will answer simply one of them.

Be focused

Decide what you most require from an interview. Consider three main objectives for the interview. Frame the questions which will help you in achieving these objectives. Evaluate each and every question you consider based on whether they will provide you the answers about the relevant topics to the job.

Avoid asking biased questions

Do not ask biased questions. A good question in the interview should be neutral and it permits the candidate in giving his/her opinion of the issue. It must not influence the candidate’s opinion.

Frame purposeful questions

Avoid wasting the time in framing the questions which are useless. Prepare purposeful questions and make sure that every question counts. Each question should provide you an idea of the candidate’s personality, skills, knowledge and work ethic. Frame the questions based on the job description and your goals.

Prepare the questions concisely and clearly

Questions should always be in a concise and clear way. Grammar also plays an important role in writing the questions as the slightest punctuation or the grammatical mistake can change the meaning of the question. Study your interview questions and check for the grammatical accuracy.

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