Tips of Group Discussion in Interview

A group discussion is done among a group of the people. It is very different from that of debate. This method is mainly used in judging the leadership qualities, team spirit, and other kind of qualities in an individual. So to be successful in this group discussion there are some tips of group discussion in interview which can help you during the interview.

Here are some tips which can get you a positive impression in your group discussion.

Your participation

The very important tip to perform well in a group discussion is to have an idea about the art of participation. You should take your own initiative to participate in the group discussion but should not expect some others to force you to speak. Never shout during the group discussion and should always wait for your chance. Remember to be polite.

Speak when you are confident

Just do not speak for the sake of marks or points. You should only speak when you are familiar with the topic and you are confident about what you are speaking. Never guess in the group discussions because sometimes it may also go against you and also never use crack jokes or slangs as it can get an unprofessional look.

Do not be rigid

Always listen to the other person and then respond. Try to be a patient listener. Talk sensibly and logically.

Try to be alert

The participant normally gets nearly 10 to 15 minutes to think about the given topic. You should cover the topic and think fast about that as much as you can. Be careful with your words. The content should be crisp, well supported with all the possible examples or any situations of the real life and sensible.


Avoid wearing flashy clothes when going to an interview or for group discussion. The female candidates also should avoid wearing heavy jewelry or makeup. Always wear professional attire.

You should always try to be calm, confident, neutral and composed to get an impression in the group discussion.

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