TOGAF Certification Interview Questions

TOGAF Certification Interview Questions are the questions which are meant to be asked from a person who is sitting for an interview which shall lead him or her to become a TOGAF certified expert in the institute from which he has completed the coursework. Such questions must be strictly related to TOGAF and should be of a medium difficulty level to judge the candidate’s knowledge and skills. TOGAF Certification is a certification course which makes candidates useful for companies wishing to hire TOGAF experts.

Sample TOGAF Certification Interview Questions:

  • Hi, would you like to give us a brief introduction of yourself, your hobbies and interests?
  • Do you think that this institute taught you better than any other would have?
  • What kind of expectations do you have from the career this certification will help you tread upon?
  • Give us a report of the project work you undertook during the course work.
  • What all duties and responsibilities fall into the share of a TOGAF Certified expert?
  • What are the main 4 sections that make up enterprise architecture?
  • What kind of architecture does TOGAF deal with?
  • According to TOGAF, the basic premise of Gap Analysis is to?
  • What are the activities does the risk management on TOGAF consist of?
  • What are the different types of architecture in the Architecture Continuum?
  • So do you think you would make a good TOGAF employee?
  • Do you want to add anything before we wrap up this interview session?

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