Top 10 Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about your background and candidature?
  2. Did you take any classes for this interview preparation? What do you think about your fluency in local Language and English?
  3. How long have you been searching for a job? Do you think this job is suitable to your profile?
  4. Can you explain the difference between the terms Team Leader, Target and Achievement? What do you think about job responsibilities?
  5. Why have you left your previous organization? Have you been through any disputes?
  6. Have faced problems in working with people having strange behaviour? Do you think you can work in a team?
  7. Do you have the ability to coordinate impatient staff members? Have you ever been linked with any management issue?
  8. How will you handle an annoyed customer over phone and also face to face? What is your strategy to calm down such people?
  9. Where would you like to see yourself after ten years of your career? Were your previous officials satisfied with your performance?
  10. Do you agree with offered salary and perks?

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