Top 10 Job Interview Questions

1.     Let us see you describe yourself and your aspirations.

2.     Obviously, you have done some research on our company. What did you learn and what do you feel?

3.     At your last job, what did you like and what was it that you disliked?

4.     Why should we appoint you ahead of the others?

5.     What salary do you expect and how did you arrive at that figure?

6.     Do you see yourself as a standalone performer or a team man?

7.     What do others consider a weakness in you? How do you hope to overcome the same?

8.     What do you feel are your strengths and how do you use them on your job?

9.     Give 2 good reasons why you applied for this job?

10.    Are you a 9 to 5 man or can you put in long hours when needed?

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