Top 25 Job Interview Questions

1.     Tell us something about you that is not there in your resume.

2.     What prompted you to leave the last job?

3.     What do you know about our Company?

4.     What made you apply to us when there are so many others?

5.     Tell us how you can be seen as a good team player.

6.     What is your weakness? Can you ensure that it does not hamper your performance?

7.     Did you have any problem with your manager or your subordinate?

8.     How do you work when under pressure to deliver against deadlines?

9.     Some 5 years on, what do you see as your professional role?

10.    What are the strengths that you bring to our company?

11.    You do not have specific experience in this line of activity. How will you overcome this?

12.    Have you considered setting up on your own?

13.    How long do you propose to be with us?

14.    How do you propose to keep up with the latest technologies?

15.    If the company sponsors you, will you take up a short refresher course?

16.    Discuss a complex task handled by you.

17.    How do you feel about long hours?  … weekends?

18.    Do you have any reservations about travelling on the job?

19.    What is your expected salary?

20.    Are you open to negotiation on the expected salary?

21.    Do you work only for money?

22.    What do you consider as job satisfaction?

23.    Can you take the responsibility to interview and hire people for your team when necessary?

24.    If selected, will you relocate to any of our plants?

25.    Do you have any questions to ask me?

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