Top SEO Interview Questions

The top SEO interview questions are asked to candidate’s appearing for the position of SEO expert who helps in building the online business and reputation for a website. SEO means Search Engine Optimization and the role of an SEO is to look into things that help build the search engine rankings. As this is an experienced and expert position the interview questions should focus on testing the skills and knowledge levels of the candidate.

Sample Top SEO Interview Questions

  • How would you define SEO?
  • Tell us what are the initial steps involved in a website when introducing SEO?
  • Are you aware of the biggest SEO success examples and biggest failure SEO examples?
  • What are the various steps involved in SEO building?
  • What are the SEO projects that you have worked on in your earlier employment?
  • Which are the blogs that you keep yourself update with to help build SEO?
  • Which are the SEO tools that you prefer to use in the link building exercise?
  • What do you understand when I am talking of a page rank?
  • What is the no follow option available on some websites?
  • What are the copywriting skills that you possess and give a few examples for the same?
  • Is it important for a website to have sitemap and how can it help in search engine rankings?
  • What steps will you take to monitor the rankings of a website?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses in terms of the SEO role you are performing?

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