Tough C Interview Questions

  1. What is your understanding of the various storage classes in C?
  2. How would you differentiate between character arrays and strings?
  3. What are the varied advantages that a macro holds over a function?
  4. In C programming parlance what do you understand by null pointer?
  5. Do you know the method of checking if a linked list is of a circular shape?
  6. Can you please tell us what would be the output if we write printf (“%d”)?
  7. What do know about static variable?
  8. Are you aware of what hashing means
  9. What do you understand by page thrashing?
  10. Tell us one instance when your experience in C came to your rescue while dealing with an intricate C based project.
  11. According to you what are the most vital skills to excel in C programming?
  12. How important is designing the flow chart when you are making a program in C?

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