Tough Interview Questions Ask

  1. Can you tell us how can you reach this place of the interview by road?
  2. What is more important for you to excel in life – financial standings or moral character?
  3. If you had witnessed a road mishap while coming for this interview, what would you have done?
  4. Why is success very important for you in real life?
  5. ‘Do not keep all the eggs in the same basket’. What do you understand by this?
  6. Which is more important for you – the country’s well being or you own personal goals?
  7. How will you impress the panelist of the interview you are facing?
  8. What are the things you would never do to scale the ladder of success?
  9. What will be those tips that you would like to preach to others after you have faced this interview?
  10. Is there anything else which you would like to add to make your resume more effective?

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