Tough Interview Questions for Managers

  1. What are your short term and long term goals? How do you plan to achieve them in the future?
  2. How would you go on to define a good manager?
  3. What has your previous job as a manager taught you?
  4. Cite one example where you think your managerial skills and qualities was useful to deal with an adverse situation.
  5. Briefly tell us about your summer job you undertook during the completion of your studies.
  6. How do you think a job of a manager is different from any other job?
  7. What is that one thing which is unique in the job of a manager?
  8. What are the areas where one needs to have a separate job profile of a manager?
  9. Share one interesting incident which you faced during the previous job of a manager.
  10. What are the qualities which makes you idle candidate for this job of a manager?
  11. Would you like to add anything else to your resume?

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