Tough Job Interview Questions

  1. What are your salary expectations from this job?
  2. How would you differentiate between ‘successes and ‘failure’?
  3. Suppose one of the panelists asks you about your sexual orientation, how will you respond to it?
  4. Tell us one instance where your dexterity helped you in solving one labor related issue.
  5. What documentation procedure would you adhere to if you have been asked to keep dispatch records of 200 customers?
  6. What measures would you take to ensure there is no discontent among your junior staff member?
  7. Give us an example where a lower rank staff made a fuss about following your order.
  8. Can you please elaborate how important is the salary package to you?
  9. Give the rationale why you think you deserve the salary you quoted.
  10. Cite an instance when your previous employer made use of your experience and immense knowledge.
  11. What would be your comments on the panel of interviewers?

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