Tough UNIX Interview Questions

Tough UNIX interview questions are asked from the candidate working on the technology called UNIX. UNIX is a default server operating system, and the questions related to UNIX are very common these days for all kind of programming jobs. In these interviews the candidate is assessed about his in-depth knowledge about UNIX technology and its uses in programming. These questions are also asked during support role related interviews and also in java development interviews.

Sample Tough UNIX Interview Questions

  • Please give us some brief background about your personal life?
  • From where have you completed your qualification and what was your subject of specialization?
  • In your home directory can you create a read-file?
  • Can you explain mask code ee@?
  • Enter a command to copy all files in your home directory starting with the letter ‘a’ to the existing directory in the condition when you are not at your home directory?
  • In UNIX technology how do you see command line history?
  • Can you give us five differences between swapping and paging?
  • Do you have any idea as to find out which process is taking how much space in CPU?
  • In a file or folder how can you make the changes in the ownership?
  • Do you know the meaning of vlan?
  • To check the remaining space in the current drive what will you do?
  • Can you explain the meaning of sleep and wait in UNIX?
  • In UNIX technology what is the meaning of Zombie process?
  • What is your salary expectation and what is your current package?

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