Toughest Interview Questions

  1. What points would you bear in mind while travelling to an alien country?
  2. How will you drive through a lane which is infested with rowdies?
  3. What will you choose in your life – pecuniary benefits of high standards of living?
  4. Can you elucidate when do you mean by simple living and high thinking?
  5. Suppose one of your best friends has been attacked by robbers. What will you do to help him in this situation?
  6. You have been selected for an award by the government. But your mother is ill and you cannot personally receive it. What will you do?
  7. While coming for this interview, can you recollect how many zebra crossing did you pass?
  8. Please tell 10 telephone numbers of your friends in 2 minutes.
  9. How will you determine if a cold drink that you bought is an original or fake?
  10. Whom would you select as next presidential candidate of the country and why?

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