Traditional Job Interview Questions

  1. Share a word about yourself. Give us a briefing about your previous job and mention reasons why you have left your previous organization?
  2. Tell us something about your educational achievements and how can your communication skills will profit the management?
  3. Discuss about your long term objective as well as goals?
  4. Can you explain terms: Employee, Employment and Management?
  5. State one reason why should we hire you for this designation?
  6. Have you liked your tenure in last organization? Was there any dispute you came across in previous job?
  7. What kind of association do you like to work with: Individual or Team work? How will you settle issues with your subordinates and colleagues?
  8. There is six months gap in your employment history? State the reason?
  9. How would you evaluate the performance of others?
  10. Do you think you have the patience to handle an angry customer?
  11. What is the core value of internal management and what measures an organization should follow in terms of implantation of policies and to avoid behavioural issues?
  12. Do you agree with office rules and working hours? If you have any issue with salary, please you may ask?

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