Training Manager Interview Questions

  1. Share about your training background? What stimulates you to choose this as a career?
  2. How many teams and what kind of teams you have trained till now as Training Manager?
  3. How will you train a customer care executive and information technology candidate?
  4. Do you think excellent communication skills and good command over grammar is important for long term career?
  5. Have you ever trained multinational candidates? Name the company you have worked for?
  6. How do you face behavioural issues caused by candidates and management?
  7. What are your expectations for five months training programme?
  8. How do you differentiate between hard working and weak students?
  9. What outcome we can expect from you?
  10. How long can you work with us, if we select you? Would you mind to sign a contract for long duration?
  11. Have you worked with renowned trainers? Mention the names?
  12. Do you remember any time when you failed to meet your targets?

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