Training Needs Analyst Interview Questions

  1. Cite one instance which left a bitter experience in your last job as a training needs analyst?
  2. Can you take us through your resume?
  3. Please enumerate the specific role played by a training needs analyst in different spheres of business world.
  4. Has it ever strike your mind that you could have done better being an artist instead?
  5. In your last job as training needs analyst you must have encountered a difficult situation. Please tell us one such instance.
  6. What salary package suits you for this job?
  7. What according to you are the most essential qualities required to be a successful training needs analyst?
  8. What is the procedure you generally resort to while making an analysis?
  9. What are the essential parameters to determine the training needs?
  10. Tell us about 2 persons you know who have been successful as training needs analysts.
  11. Are you willing to work in night shifts?

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