Training specialist Interview Questions

  1. Give us an overview of your experience in this field?
  2. What kind of training tools do you require and why? From which foundation have you completed you training to start your career?
  3. How do you evaluate an individual performance?
  4. Which methods and techniques do you use to train candidates?
  5. Any specific reason behind resignation from your previous company. Have you tackled any problem regarding management and salary issues?
  6. Which actions do you believe to take when a trainee when he/ she is not performing well as per given instructions?
  7. Do you think sometimes it is better to be strict than being gentle?
  8. Mention if you have ever gone through some issues during training with any of your previous management?  What if, some candidates misbehave with you?
  9. How do you prepare your training manual for a department? Explain in steps.
  10. What are your goals in life? Mention your short term objectives in next five years?
  11. Which qualities do you notice during training? How will you help a weak candidate?

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