Tricky Interview Questions

  1. You must have come across a situation where you found yourself at loggerheads. Tell us more about it.
  2. How will you define success?
  3. What is your definition of failure?
  4. Suppose you see your superior doing something unethical. How would you respond to it?
  5. ‘He who can; does. He who cannot; preaches.’ What do you understand by it?
  6. How important is money for you while selecting a job?
  7. Besides the pecuniary aspect, what is the other thing which attracts you for the job?
  8. How will you segregate something which is urgent and that not so urgent?
  9. If you see one of your superior has started taking undue advantage of you, how will you put forward your grievances to the higher authorities?
  10. Please convince us you do have qualities which make you an idle candidate for this job.
  11. How will you ensure that client grievances are adequately taken care of?

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