Types of Behavioral Interview Questions

The behavior based interview tries to predict the future behavioral tendencies of the candidate by looking at the past behavior and attitude of the candidate. The STAR approach – Skill, Training, Action and Result is the model used for these types of interviews. In order to assess the candidate’s perspective via his or her outlook, past experience, knowledge, skills and credentials – multiple types of questions are put forward. The content, functional and self-management skills and expertise of the candidate are the key focus areas in these interviews and they help screen the candidate to the level desired by the employer.

There are various different types of behavioral interview questions which includes the following:

  • The very first class of behavioral questions is ‘open-ended questions’. In this category the candidate is asked to give the detail description of various questions. These questions do not get over with a yes or no answer. In these questions the candidate must explain the things in detail.
  • In the second class of behavioral questions are ‘close-ended questions’ in which the answers could be either yes or no. For example if the candidate is asked about any particular degree, he can either have it or do not have it.
  • In the subsequent category ‘Why questions’ are asked to understand the level of motivation of the candidate. These questions are asked to understand as to why the candidate took any specific kind of decision in a given situation. These questions help the employer to get the clear picture about the behavior of the candidate in any given circumstances.

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