Types of Interview Questions

Interview questions are designed to test the suitability of a candidate for a prospective job opening.  Questions are set to test different aspects of the candidate’s personality, professional credentials and check how best he/she is suited for a particular job.

Interview questions can be categorized into different types, both by the structure and the content of the questions.  Structure-wise, one can have open-ended and closed-ended questions.  Generally, both are used varyingly to test different aspects.

Content-wise, one can have behavioral questions, professional competency questions, work-experience related questions, case-study questions, hypothetical questions, mathematical questions and innocuous or unrelated questions.

Many companies and organizations lay stress on behavioral and hypothetical questions to gauge a candidate’s reaction and ability to think in a constantly changing work environment.  Questions related to professional work experience are designed to test the level of competency and the knowledge in a specialized skill set.  Mathematical questions are used to test mental ability, logical reasoning and rationale thinking.  Innocuous or dumb questions as they are popularly known are designed to test the ability of candidates to think on their toes.

Whatever, be the type of question, while answering it, remember to pause, think and answer in as clear and concise a manner as possible.

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