Types Of Job Interview Questions

1. General Questions:

Tell me about yourself and the other routine questions:

2. Probing and Character Questions:

a)     Why did you leave your last job?

b)     What are your strengths?

c)      What is your weakness?

d)     What angers you?

e)     What pleases you?

3. Reasoning / Justification Questions:

a)     Why did you leave your last job:

b)     Why do you want a change from your current position?

c)      Justify your salary expectation.

d)     Why should we hire you?

4. Decision questions:

a)     What salary do you expect here?

b)     Will you relocate to join us?

c)      Will you relocate some moths down the line?

d)     Will you travel on the job? For how many days in a month?

5. Job Specific Questions:

a)     Can you perform on the offered job?

b)     What is your related qualification?

c)      What is your related experience?

d)     You have no experience on this. How will you cope?

e)     Can you attend the job in different shifts?

f)      You are in general day shift. But you are called in the middle of the night shift to fix some snag. How do you react?

6. Behavioral Questions:

a)     Are you a team player or solo performer?

b)     How comfortable are you in a team?

c)      Can you take up leadership?

d)     At your age, can you meet the demands of the position?

7. Illegal Questions:

Questions on personal details; The relevant details are there on the resume sheet. They need not be asked. Other details should not be touched on.

These include questions on height, weight, disabilities, marriage situation, number of children and the like.

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