Typical College Interview Questions

  1. How different is this college from other colleges that you have visited so far?
  2. Why did you select this college when there were other colleges in your close vicinity?
  3. Which is the stunning aspect of this college which you find worth mentioning?
  4. This college specializes in computer science. You were good in fine arts. How will you adjust to the two extreme streams of studies?
  5. What information do you have about the faculty of this college?
  6. Did you find it cumbersome to locate the college?
  7. What is that one thing in this college which is completely different from other colleges?
  8. What do you have to say about the library?
  9. Which mode of payment of the fees suits you – cash or by deposit in the bank?
  10. What do you dislike about this college?
  11. Do you think the fees are exorbitant keeping in mind the standard of utilities being provided by the college?

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