Typical Consulting Interview Questions

Typical consulting interview questions are the questions that are asked from the candidates applying for the position of a consultant in any organization. These questions are aimed to assess the skill sets, qualifications as well as the experience of the candidate in the related field. 

Sample Typical Consulting Interview Questions

  • Tell us something about yourself?
  • How much prior experience do you have in consulting services?
  • In your academics, did you take part in any limited consulting or advisory assignment as an internship or otherwise?
  • Which of the top consulting organizations have you worked with earlier?
  • What is your relevant experience in the field of consulting?
  • What was the last consulting project you handled and what was the team size for that project?
  • What do you know about the consulting practice of our organization?
  • What motivated you to become a consultant and what is the most challenging thing about your job profile?
  • Ho comfortable are you working with a team?
  • Have you ever implemented a new strategy which brought great benefit to your organization?
  • What was the biggest achievement that you had while working for a consulting assignment?
  • Did you also take part in any consulting assignment in which you also executed the strategy you had devised and what were the findings?
  • What was the key learning’s from your previous consulting projects?
  • Which was the most difficult project you handled so far?
  • How soon can you join us and are you willing to relocate for this profile?

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