Typical Job Interview Questions

  1. Please tell us the name of the university from where you completed your graduation.
  2. How much salary do you think you deserve for this job?
  3. How do you normally place your grievances to your superiors?
  4. What methods do you resort to for documentation?
  5. Have you ever worked before under a team leader?
  6. Are you used to working under deadline and target oriented environment?
  7. What will you do where you have noticed one of the top level management personnel is involved in a scam?
  8. Give us an example where your employer has benefited from you skills and competencies.
  9. Cite an instance where you were awarded by your employer for excellent performance.
  10. What motivates you the most – the salary or the challenged involved with the job?
  11. Give an instance where you helped the management in framing policy decisions which helped the establishment in the long run.

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