Typical Job Interview Questions

  1. What are your salary expectations from this job?
  2. Why do you think you are the perfect candidate for this job?
  3. Tell us one instance where you faced great difficulty in your previous job.
  4. What steps did you take to tackle the situation?
  5. Give one example where your previous experience came to your rescue in solving a crucial problem.
  6. Are you acquainted in working with a night shift environment?
  7. Tell us more about your experience while working under a team leader.
  8. What according to you are the 5 essential requirements which an employee should follow in any job?
  9. Share with us one experience which has been a pleasant and memorable one for you.
  10. “Success is sweet. But the secret is sweat”. What is your understanding of it?
  11. Briefly describe where your previous employer made use of your skills and expertise to come out of a critical situation.

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