Typical Network Interview Questions

Network related questions are asked from the candidate applying for networking profile. In these typical network interview questions the candidate is asked about his technical networking knowledge along with his behavior and past experience. These interviews usually revolve around the technical questions. The interviewer tries to assess the skill set of the candidate to see his suitability for the profile.

Sample Typical Network Interview Questions

  • Give us a brief introduction about yourself?
  • What is your qualification and what is your field of specialization?
  • Why did you select networking as your profession?
  • What is the utility of ARP and how does it work?
  • Why is it not possible to route the private IP address through the internet?
  • Is it possible that the 2 VLAN’s have the same IP Subnet?
  • What do you understand by NAT-T?
  • What do you understand by transparency?
  • Can you explain 5 differences between client and desktop operating system?
  • Do you understand the difference between unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and shielded twisted pair (STP)?
  • Do you know the bandwidth of the switch and a hub?
  • What is the utility of the RIP and how do you define that?
  • In an L2 network why and when the network loop happens?
  • What is the difference between routed and routing protocols?
  • By making the use of client/server oriented TP monitors what benefits can be obtained?
  • What do you know by a FISH in computer network?
  • What is your total years of experience in networking and what is your salary expectation?

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