Typical Sales Interview Questions

  1. You have completed the Bachelor’s Degree. Why didn’t you complete the Master’s Degree?
  2. Do you mind taking us through your resume please?
  3. If your resume is to be believed, you were a good student of computer science. What forced you to choose sales instead?
  4. Are you more comfortable with a target based salary or prefer a fixed monthly salary?
  5. Which attracts you the most – the pecuniary element or the challenge involved in your job?
  6. What is that one thing about a sales job which you find very tempting?
  7. What methodology will you adhere to while reporting to the top management personnel in your sales department?
  8. This job will require frequent long distance travel regime to be followed. How do you plan to achieve it?
  9. What are those features which makes an idle salesman?
  10. Do you agree that a smile can get you a reluctant customer to buy your product?

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