Typical Teacher Interview Questions

  1. Will you please take us through your resume?
  2. What salary package suits you?
  3. It is said to be a good teacher you need to possess a sound character which might require you to do away with your wishes. What is your comment on this?
  4. You had been a good student of law. How come to choose to work as a teacher?
  5. A teacher is always expected to have a sense of sacrifice. How do you view this statement?
  6. Do you agree parents should play a wider role in an overall improvement of their ward?
  7. State 5 basic qualities which a teacher should imbibe in his/her students?
  8. Give one illustration where it was your experience and the vast knowledge which helped your previous employer?
  9. What attracts you more – the salary or the challenge which is associated with this job?
  10. You had completed the Bachelor’s Degree in education. Why didn’t you finish your Master’s Degree?

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