Typical University Interview Questions

  1. How different is it to work in a university as compared to a  business establishment?
  2. What are the normal intracacies involved with a job in the university?
  3. What are your salary and perquisites expectations from this job?
  4. Give one example where the university was helped because of your experience and knowledge.
  5. Cite one instance where left a bitter impression in your mind about the work culture in a university?
  6. What documentation procedure you would follow to keep a record of your work?
  7. Please elaborate how it has been a learning experience for you to have worked with 3 different universities?
  8. Please mention one instance where you applied your expertise and knowledge while working in a university?
  9. What are the reasons which make you believe you happen to be the idle candidate for this job?
  10. Briefly describe your experience in working with University of Greenwich?
  11. Do you have anything to add?

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