UNIX Certification Interview Questions

UNIX certification interview questions are programmed by the experts to conduct an interview session of the deserving candidates, who want to obtain a UNIX certification for professional growth. By measuring the skills and knowledge of preparing & implementing different UNIX projects of all applicants, a deserving candidate is given this certification.

Sample UNIX Certification Interview Questions:

  • What have you learnt from UNIX certification sessions? Why this certification is important to you?
  • After completing your training, do you feel you are ready to practice professionally as a UNIX certified expert?
  • Mention something about your programming skills and coordination abilities?
  • What are the primary job duties of a UNIX certified professional in an organization?
  • Explain the key features of UNIX?
  • Discuss your role with UNIX developer and UNIX analyst?
  • How does UNIX play a vital role in system security and configuration management?
  • Do you have experience of managing a UNIX project based on IT applications?
  • Have you ever met with a situation during programming session, where you were failed to design & manage the desired UINX project?
  • Explain the sequential steps of UNIX installation and configuration?
  • What do you understand by Oracle UNIX?
  • Explain Echo statement. How do you use multiple floating numbers in Echo statement?
  • What is redirection in UNIX? Explain the value of shell.
  • How many types of programming prompts are available in UNIX programming?
  • What approach a Kernal use in differentiating files and devices?
  • Name the monthly project reports you have to prepare for timely submission? How do you upload and upgrade the associated database regularly?

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