UNIX Interview Questions

  1. Do you have any working experience on UNIX?
  2. Explain UNIX? Do you think that UNIX is better from other operating systems? If yes, tell why?
  3. UNIX is more portable as compared to other operating systems, explain how?
  4. Explain the steps to configure a disk?
  5. What is VG? How can you add a new disk in VG?
  6. Give the advantages and disadvantages of LVM?
  7. What is rollback command? Where can you use this command?
  8. Explain Log files and traces files in UNIX? What is their contribution in helping of back test process?
  9. Why do you use UNIX for software testing?
  10. Discuss about open source? How can you associate open source with heavy documentation?
  11. What is hard link and soft link? Explain the difference between both links?
  12. Give definition of logical gate? Explain various logical gates available in UNIX? What is the use of AND gate?
  13. What is grep? How can you use AND gate in grep?

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