VBA Certification Interview Questions

VBA Certification Interview Questions are directed at an individual who has completed the VBA certification successfully and is looking to join the Software Services industry and wants to work in the world of VBA. The questions help analyze the technical skills of the person related to computer software applications in general and VBA in particular and an assortment of aspects related to the awareness gained during the training on the same. The questions also help evaluate the understanding of the individual regarding different aspects of network fundamentals in the VBA space.

Sample VBA Certification Interview Questions

  • Having completed the course, are you looking to take up advanced courses in VBA as well to further improve your specialization?
  • On a scale of 1 to 5, how do you rate the course content and its quality as well as the knowledge level of faculty?
  • What additional things would you want to see covered in this course which you believe can improve the value addition that this course offers?
  • Are there any areas that need to be relooked at as far as the course structure and method of delivery are concerned?
  • Explain about insert module and Goal Seek functions present in VBA?
  • Type Library and what is its purpose?
  • State the difference between visual basic, VB script and visual basic applications?
  • How can you format expressions by using VBA?
  • Were there any courses that you did earlier and which prompted you to take up this course as well?
  • Explain about the security vulnerabilities for VBA?
  • Were your expectations from this course before you joined it, fulfilled, now that you have completed the coursework?

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