Visual C++ Certification Interview Questions

Visual C++ Certification Interview Questions are meant to gauge the impact of the Visual C++ certification coursework on an individual who has gone through the same and is now looking to either work in the software industry or is looking to advance her studies further in the area.

The questions help evaluate the software skills of the person related to computer applications in general and Visual C++ in particular and an assortment of aspects related to the knowledge gained during the training. The understanding of the individual regarding different aspects of network fundamentals in the Visual C++ arena is also measured.

Sample Visual C++ Certification Interview Questions

  • How did you find the overall coursework and the quality of education imparted on the Visual C++?
  • Are there any ways that you suggest will further improve the way this course is designed and delivered?
  • Any areas that need to be revisited as far as the course structure and system of delivery are concerned?
  • What is Visual C++? And what does “visual programming” mean?
  • What is command routing in Visual C++?
  • On a scale of 1 to 5, how do you rate the course content and its quality as well as the knowledge level of faculty?
  • How to change the Text of a CButton at Runtime?
  • What is a Visual C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE)?
  • Were there any other software language courses that you took? How do you rate this course as compared to those other ones?
  • Now that you have completed the course, do you believe that your objective from this course has been fulfilled?

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