Vmware Certification Interview Questions

Vmware Certification Interview Questions are the ones, answers to which are sought from an individual who has completed the certification in Vmware and is looking to join the Computer Services industry and wants to work in the Vmware technology. The questions help analyze the technical skills of the person related to computer networking in general and Vmware in particular and various aspects related to the awareness gained during the training on the same. The questions also help to appraise the understanding of the individual regarding different aspects of network fundamentals in the Vmware space.

Sample Vmware Certification Interview Questions

  • Did you have any prior expectations before you joined this course? Please explain? Were those fulfilled?
  • Having completed the course, what is the future career course that you are going to set your eyes on?
  • How do you rate the course content, quality as well as the knowledge level of faculty?
  • What additional aspects would you want to see covered in this course?
  • Are there any areas of improvement as far as the course composition and delivery style is concerned?
  • How does ESX Server 3.x differ from VMware Server?
  • What was the stimulus for you when you decided to join this course?
  • In the ESX Server licensing features VMotion License is showing as Not used, why?
  • How the Virtual Machine Port group communication works?
  • What are the common issues with snapshots? What stops from taking a snapshot and how to fix it?
  • Where do you see yourself professionally, 5 years down the line?

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