VOIP Certification Interview Questions

The VOIP Certification Interview Questions are meant to determine whether the VOIP Certification course was a good return on investment from the candidate’s perspective and taking feedback from the candidate on how to further improve the course design and structure. Evaluation of the computer software skills of the person in the Internet Telephony space in general and VOIP in particular is done through these questions. Comprehension of the individual regarding different aspects of Internet Protocols in the VOIP category is also ascertained.

Sample VOIP Certification Interview Questions

  • What do you think are the major takeaways from this course?
  • What are the top three things that you suggest should be done to further improve the course content?
  • If we are looking to rehash the course structure and delivery method, please tell us your top two suggestions for it?
  • VoIP stands for ‘Voice over IP’. Thus the voice media is always carried over IP, but signaling may be done via circuit switched means – is that correct?
  • It is possible that two end points, A and B, will exchange voice media information such that one end point A will use G.729 to send its media to B, while (in the same session) B will use G.711 to send its media to A – is it true?
  • On a scale of 1 to 5, how do you rate the training infrastructure and the knowledge level of faculty?
  • Is this statement correct? – RTP is the key media protocol for VoIP. Its brother protocol, RTCP, is the key signaling protocol for VoIP
  • In VoIP bearer (media) and signaling are totally decoupled – is this false?
  • Have you taken any other Internet Protocol related specialized courses?
  • Would you want to reconsider us in case you are willing to do further certifications?

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