Volunteer Job Interview Questions

  1. What do you understand from the term “Volunteer”? Why do you want this job?
  2. Describe this term with the help of an example? Have you ever worked as volunteer?
  3. Have you ever noticed any problem with other volunteers during working? Which method do you follow while working?
  4. Do you feel volunteers can enhance the functional capability of any organization?
  5. Has volunteerism ever favoured you? If yes, explain how?
  6. State with an example, when did you apply the standard of volunteerism?
  7. Discuss your perception about this position? What knowledge and skills motivates you to this position?
  8. How would you write volunteer job description? A long term volunteers have been threatened to quit work? Give your opinion?
  9. How this option is fitting in your future plans? What all skills do you have on computer and internet?
  10. Do you think you need to work on your volunteer skills?
  11. Have you any knowledge about this organization for which you are being hired as volunteer?

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