Web Testing Interview Questions

  1. Talk us through your resume and tell something about your background?
  2. Why should we hire you, give us a logical reason?
  3. What is your till date experience in Web Testing? What is your qualification in Web Testing?
  4. Explain Web Service? Share the progress in Web Services?
  5. Define the terms: URL, domain, web space, webpage and web script?
  6. Discuss Web Service protocol stack? Give definition for SOAP, WSDL and UDDI?
  7. What are the different Web Service standards? Do you think W3C supports Web Service Standards?
  8. Which Web script is widely used in these days to design Web Pages? When you submit a data in an online form, where is it actually stored after submission?
  9. While designing a Web Service why Client Server applications are used?
  10. Differentiate between Client server applications and traditional Web Service applications
  11. If you have questions over company terms and conditions, feel free to ask?
  12. Do you agree with offered salary and office timings?

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