What Are Common HR Interview Questions

Human Resources (HR) is a heart of any company as he/she connects the gap between the employees and the company. HR is responsible for the employee welfare, recruitment, selection, remuneration and salary, appraisal, performance and various other kinds of issues that are related to the company’s manpower. So the HR job will be very crucial as they should optimize the worker’s output and so on. If you are seeking a job in this field, you should know what are common HR interview questions to perform better in the interview.

Here are some questions which are frequently asked in the HR interview.

Why do you wish to work with our firm?

Before attending any kind of interview, research about the company on the internet and collect all the necessary details about the company. Provide them with HR friendly policies and excellent values.

What do you know about this firm?

Provide them with the details which you have collected about the promoters, positive traits, establishment and market coverage of the firm.

How will you manage the workers conflict as an HR?

Stay calm and cool when they ask you this question. Take a few seconds to frame a nice answer. For this kind of question first you should classify the conflict category.

What are your goals?

Tell them about your career goals that you want to achieve ahead of working with the firm and to overcome the milestones.

What is your dream job?

This question is asked in order to test your interest in your applied job. You should clearly explain about the job which you have applied for as your dream job or most desired job.

What are your hobbies?

This question is asked by the HR manager to get an idea of your interests apart from your career and academics. As now-a-days every firm is wishing to hire the candidates who are successful on various fronts, this is considered as an essential question in the interview.

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