What Are Good Customer Service Interview Questions

The jobs in customer service include the employees working and speaking directly with the customers. Duties may include handling the complaints of the customers, selling the products, solving the problems of the customers and answering any type of questions related to the products or the company.

An individual who needs to attend the interview should know what are good customer service interview questions to perform well. The frequently asked customer service questions may include the questions that analyze the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the fundamental practice of customer support and customer service help.

Frequently asked questions are as follows:

Tell me the good customer service meaning

It may have varied meaning for each interviewing person for the job. This question is asked to find out your knowledge of customer service, understanding of the general practices and principles of the customer service and your expectation level in relation to the customer service.

How do you handle the clients

This question is asked because the representatives of the customer service should deal with any kind of customers, whether they are cooperative, stubborn, happy or angry. For this you should know how to handle crucial customers in a professional manner.

Explain about your philosophy of a customer service

This question is also a frequently asked question. This question needs a prepared statement that summarizes the individual’s approach to customer service.

How will you measure customer service

The interviewers like this question because it analyzes the individual’s understanding of how to quantify the customer service. Customer service is indefinite and it can be measured in different ways. So this question determines the candidate’s thinking about the jobs of customer service.

How do you handle an unsatisfied customer

In customer service job, you need to deal with different kinds of people. You can answer like you would approach him, try to smile and remain calm, and know the reason of why is he behaving offensive or unsatisfied. And you can add you would try to solve his/her problem once you know the reason.

Behavioral interview questions can also be expected in your customer service interview. These questions may be tricky and need a little bit of preparation and thought.

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