What Are the Common Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral job interviews depend upon how the candidate acted in certain situations related to the employment. To get through this interview the candidates should know what are the common behavioral interview questions.

Here are some commonly asked behavioral interview questions.

Give an instance of a time when you set an objective and the steps you had taken in achieving it?
This question is mainly asked to get an idea of how goal oriented are you and whether you would be an achiever in the company. Think for a while and choose the situation that best expresses your personality.

Explain about your work ethic

This question seems to be unclear to you. This type of question is asked to look where will you go with it.

Tell me something about yourself

This question is mainly asked to get quick and 2 to 3 minute picture of yourself and why do you set for this position. Try to answer this question by thinking and describing the qualities of yours which will help you a lot.

Why have you left your previous job

Do not tell any major problem associated with the management and never tell ill of co-workers, supervisors or about the organization. Keep smiling and tell about a positive reason for leaving the job like searching for a new challenge and so on.

Tell me what do you know about this company

This question is mainly asked to have an idea of what you know about this company. So before attending the interview get an idea of their company.

Why are you interested in working for this company

Think before answering this question. Your answer must be based on the company research. For answering this question sincerity is very important. Relate the answer to your career goals to get better response.

Tell me about your strengths

Answer in a positive way. There are so many good examples for this, like your skills in problem solving, ability to carry out the work under stress or pressure, ability to concentrate on projects, professional skills, positive attitude, leadership skills etc.

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