What Are the Examples of Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral interview is an interview which is based on certain employment based situations. In a behavioral interview, the firm has already decided on what type of skills are required in the candidate they hire and ask some questions to know whether these required skills are present in the candidate or not. In this type of interview you need to answer the questions with examples of how you managed the situations in your workplace. So it would be better if you be aware of what are the examples of behavioral interview questions to get an idea about the questions that are mostly asked in the interview.

Here we are specifying some examples of the behavioral interview questions.

Questions that may be asked in the behavioral interview

  1. Give an example of the situation when you had to deal with the disobedient customer.
  2. Give me an example of the situation when you made use of logic skills in solving a problem.
  3. Did you manage any crucial situation with your co-worker? If yes, how?
  4. Explain me a situation where you had to take a decision and that was unpopular and how did you manage in implementing it.
  5. Explain a situation where you have taken an initiative to be a leader.
  6. Tell me an example of a situation when you predicted a problem and taken a preventive measurement in avoiding that.
  7. Explain me the situation when you have set an objective and got success in that. What steps have you taken in meeting your goal?
  8. Tell me a situation when you were not able to finish a task because of not having enough information or not prepared well. What was the outcome and how did you manage to overcome them?
  9. Tell me a situation when you had to go beyond to complete a given task.
  10. Tell me a situation where you had to perform a task which was new to you and how did you handle that and what was the outcome?

Tips for preparing for a behavioral interview

Preparing for this kind of interview is a difficult task. The best way in preparing for this type of interview is to note down all the necessary scenarios which you would wish to use as examples in the interview. Do not forget to provide with the scenario, the measurements taken and the outcome. Always be positive with the examples.

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