What Are the Most Common Interview Questions

An employer wants to know your interest in the job position which you are seeking for. He/she observes whether you are having the ability to set in their company based on your weaknesses, strengths, education and experience. You maybe feel nervous for attending an interview. You may think that what questions they would ask, how to answer those questions and all other stuff. To reduce your nervousness here we are presenting what are the most common interview questions and how to answer them.

Tell me something about yourself

This question is asked in almost all the job interviews. The interviewer asks this question to get an idea about your professional experience. Avoid specifying some irrelevant points like your age, hobbies, marital status and so on as they are not necessary at this particular point and it serves you to disqualify from the further attention. Instead of that you just give a gist of your educational and work background.

Why have you chosen this job role?

This question can be answered easily. Your research on the firm should have offered you some details about the firm’s history, philosophy and mission, products, which can be your reasons in choosing to apply this position.

What are your strengths?

Do not be very modest while answering this question. You focus on the strengths that the firm would consider like leadership skills and communication. You can also explain about your problem solving ability, stress management and so on.

What are your weaknesses?

This question is commonly asked in the interviews to analyze your self-awareness. Tell them about any sincere weakness and also tell them what measurements you are taking to improve in that particular area. You just stress that you are having some limitations just like others and you are trying to improve to be an effective employee.

Why have you left your previous job?

The interviewers are more curious about your previous situation as it can determine about your work performance in the future fresh job. You should be honest while answering this question but try to be cheerful and avoid giving irrelevant details.

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