What Are the Top 10 Job Interview Questions

There are some kinds of questions that are frequently asked in the interviews. Hence, it will be better for candidates to know what are the top 10 job interview questions for better preparation. When responding to an interview, the important things to keep in mind are to give brief, to the point and relevant answers. If you face any difficult question, be sure that you be calm, do not get protective and before answering the question take a brief time period and think about the response.

Here are the top ten questions frequently asked in the interview:

1. Tell me about yourself

Among the top ten, this question is always there. The key purpose of this question is to make you talk. They wish to know the way you express about yourself, a selection of words and to study your body language.

2. Tell me about your greatest accomplishments

Choose an accomplishment that relates to your work and fairly recent. Mention the skills you have used in the achievement and determine the benefit it had for the organization.

3. What you like about your current job

This is a question which is straightforward. Ensure that your likes correlate to the skills etc. needed in the employment and describe your employment interestingly.

4. Are you feeling good with your career

This question is asked to know about your confidence, self esteem and career aspirations. The answer should be yes and followed by a short explanation as what made you feel good.

5. Did you face any crucial situation? If yes how did you manage it

This question is asked to find out whether you can present a logical approach in solving the problem. To get a positive response choose a crucial work condition which was not generated by you and which can be explained quickly in a few sentences.

6. What you don’t like about your current job

Be careful in answering this question. Don’t be too particular the answer might lead to your weaknesses which may leave you to further problems.

7. Tell me about your strengths

For this question, concentrate on explaining your key strengths. List some 3 to 4 skills like positive attitude, quick grasping, determination to succeed and so on.

8. What is your weakness

Avoid saying that you don’t have any weakness. You have the following 2 alternatives in answering this question:

  • You can tell about professed weakness like lack of experience.
  • You can describe professional or personal weakness.

9. Why are you leaving the current job

You can tell that you want to take new challenge, looking for more experience, responsibility and an environment change. Don’t give any kind of negative reasons for leaving.

10. Why did you apply for this job

The recruiter is looking for the sign that this job is suitable for you, fits with your aptitudes, and matches with your goals.

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