What Are the Top 5 Interview Questions

There are several possible interview questions. The interviewer try to collect all the necessary information from you like your competency, responsibility level, skills, level of performance, your interest on the career, and so on. However there are certain questions which are frequently asked in the interviews. If you are in search of a job, you should know what are the top 5 interview questions.

The top 5 questions which are frequently asked in the interview are specified here.

Tell me something about yourself

This type of question always occupies top position in most of the interviews. This question is asked to know about yourself and to make you feel free at the time of interview. When this question is asked, you try to give information about your educational history and work and in between include some accomplishments.

What are your weaknesses and strengths

This is also a frequently asked question. When you are listing the strengths provide facts and do not brag. Try to relate your strengths to the job qualifications. For example, you can tell in such a way that you have the ability to work on the things quickly, able to manage the work or pressure and so on. When coming to the weaknesses, you should be honest and move on.

Why do you want to leave your previous job

You should answer this question carefully. You should give some positive reasons like you want an opportunity to learn some new things and so on. But never provide negative causes like you didn’t like that company, you don’t like your colleagues etc.

Why do you feel that you would be an ideal person for this position

This type of question requires a prior preparation, because you should have an idea about the company’s background, goals and mission statement before you answer this question. Go to the company’s website and get an idea about the company.

Why are you interested in this job

Give an appropriate answer for this question. It would be better if you can cite the firm’s corporate culture or social responsibility. You can also add that this position gives an opportunity to exercise your knowledge or skills.

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