What Are Typical Nursing Interview Questions

The nursing job is not so easy. Versatility is required for this kind of job. To select an ideal candidate for this position, different types of questions are asked. When the interviewer is interviewing for nursing position, they ask several questions like about the experience and skills, interests and about training. If you are interested and seeking for a nursing job, it is always better to know what are typical nursing interview questions.

Below are some typical nursing interview questions.

Why do you think that you are an ideal candidate for this position?

For this type of question you should highlight your experience and training and why these skills qualify you for this employment. For this you should be pre-prepared by reviewing the important job requirements and by matching your abilities and skills to this position. Also include some relevant examples when answering this question.

Why have you chosen this job and why are you interested in this job?

For this kind of question you should be prepared by exploring about the job. Explain them about why have you chosen this job by using your background research.

Tell me about your significant accomplishment.

Explain about your accomplishments that are related to this job position. Also include certain examples and explain how you succeeded.

Tell me about your weaknesses and strengths.

Prepare at least 3 to 4 important strengths that closely relate your applied job position. Reinforce your strengths with the examples. When you are talking about the weaknesses, you should be very honest. After mentioning your weaknesses, you should also include how you are managing those weakness and what measures you are taking for improving in that particular area.

Why do you want to leave your current job?

Describe how this job opening offers a new opportunity and challenge. Never criticize your past colleagues or employer which may give the opinion of negative reason for leaving that job. Mainly try to focus on the positive prospects that may come with this nursing job.

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