What to Say About yourself in an interview

One of the most common and basic question that every interview has is “Tell us something about yourself”. Though the question seems quite simple the whole crux of selection is more or less decided with this first question. While there are a lot of debates about what to say when this question is asked, there are some things that should be borne in mind while answering this crucial question.

  • The very first thing that one has to start with is personal and educational background that can be very brief as these details are available in the resume you have submitted to the interview panel.
  • The second thing one can stress is about the previous job and the significant achievements if any. You need to give importance to your strengths in relation to how you best fit into the job position that you are being interviewed for. This part has to be given highest detail than any other part.
  • Then thirdly you can tell about your career aspirations and what you will do to work towards that goal. Here you have to list out the things you will do to contribute to positively to the organization you are going to join.
  • Lastly close the introduction with a positive note on yourself. Besides all these things one has to bear in mind that being too elaborate about this question can be very sticky and leave the interviewer bored.

Make sure that you do not take more than two minutes to complete this introduction by giving all the relevant information that will be necessary for you to get this job. Remember that most of the times this first question is a trap to confuse you with the details you provide and then you lose the chance to anything more. The preparation for this question has to be very simple yet effective to leave that first impression on the interviewer and you will certainly be selected for the job.

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