What To Wear While Attending Interviews

Many people who are about to attend an interview for a job position or any other post often wonder about what to wear while attending interviews. This is the most apt and usual question on people’s mind. And quite obviously, it is the right concern. It is quite important for any person giving an interview to dress correctly. This particular fact can leave a long lasting impression on the recruiters and can affect his/her choice in a great way as it the attire which makes the first impression.

  • When it comes to choosing the fabric, one should keep in mind that cotton is the safest option to go with. It looks professional and decent. Fabrics like silk, polyester and khadi must be avoided on interviews.
  • The next most important point to keep in mind is that anything you wear must not have any phrase written on it. Any such phrase or line written can send a wrong impression across.
  • It is not quite necessary for your clothes to be brand new, but one thing to be kept in mind is that they must not be faded or dull or torn from anywhere.
  • Another important point is the colour of what you wear on an interview. Avoid wearing any loud or shockingly bright shades. Colour depicts your mood and one should keep it as subtle and simple as possible.
  • Both for males and females, it is important to be dressed formally taking care of even the footwear and accessories. Male applicants must wear shirts and trousers along with formal shoes and preferable a subtle tie to go with.
  • Whereas females must be dressed in a formal shirt and trousers /skirt if not mentioned otherwise.
  • One must have tidy hair and a fresh looking face during the interview.
  • One must also take care that the clothes don’t look borrowed, which means that they must be neither too small nor large for you.

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