Windows Server 2003 Certification Interview Questions

Windows Server 2003 certification interview Questions are widely asked to the eligible candidates, who are willing to secure the Windows Server 2003 certification. After evaluating professional abilities, knowledge & skills of dealing in Windows Server 2003 and overall programming experience of all applicants, this certification is awarded to the deserving applicants.

Sample Windows Server 2003 Certification Interview Questions:

  • Please mention something about your experiences you gained in Window server 2003 certification programming modules.
  • Why did you choose a Window Server 2003 certification to boost up your career growth?
  • What are the major job duties & responsibilities of a Windows Server 2003 certified professional?
  • Tell us something about your analytical and troubleshooting abilities.
  • What type of projects have you handled in your Windows Server 2003 sessions?
  • Discuss the various web tools and technical strategies do you follow while conducting any sort of procedure on Windows Server 2003.
  • Name the different and effective Windows Server 2003 security strategies to be followed by a professional.
  • Are you confident enough to plan, develop and implement certain Windows Server 2003 applications?
  • Tell us the importance of updating Windows Server 2003 in a business organization.
  • Name the project reports and soft copy records you have to prepare for timely submission during your programming sessions.
  • Do you think you can manage to fulfil a tight project programming target under strict deadlines?
  • Are you confident enough to deal with more than one Windows Server 2003 projects at a time?
  • Would you like to work as a Windows Server 2003 trainee after securing the certification?

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